Swede Fest 2 Palm Beach (bad Movies By Good People) Saturday, July 27

Swede fest™ 2 palm beach is officially set for Saturday, July 27, at The Borland Center for Performing Arts and the entry deadline is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9. Let us know what film you are sweding, keep it under 3 minutes in length, call in favors to cast your masterpiece, shoot it, edit it, and submit it. Overachiever? Let us know now, and there’s virtually no chance someone else will already have your movie reserved. It’s free to enter a film. Tickets on the night are $5 online, $6 at the door.
swede fest™ 2 palm beach is brought to you once again by Midtown.
Hey.. what’s a SWEDE? A swede is a no-budget, laughably bad remake of a hit Hollywood film – the bigger, the better. The term comes from the 2008 comedy, “Be Kind Rewind,” and was made up to explain the sheer awfulness of their remade films by touting them as European – “swedes” because it sounded really sophisticated. Not exactly a classic, but neither is it comedy kryptonite.


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