Toasts, Hold the Butter


Potions in Motion, Florida’s Premiere Mobile Bar and Gourmet Food Caterer, launched this month a year long Sun Sentinel Campaign designed by Nova Villanueva of the PR and Ad Agency,

Unlike the USA variety, where a Toast usually consists of nothing more than a quick clink of the glass and a expedient ‘Cheers’ there exists a much more rigorous toasting culture just outside our border.

Harkening back to a time before we sapped all the fun out of life at the alter of political correctness and in fear of the litigious hoards, Jason Savino and his jolly Potions in Motion crew have arrived on the scene. Or as Dino used to croon, “I found you just in time”.

Watch for the weekly half page P.I.M. ads scheduled to appear on Wednesday in the Sun Sentinel ‘Society’ supplement or Friday’s Showtime in either the Broward or Palm Beach Editions. The aim is to reignite a tradition that before the Civil War was considered as American as cracked ice in a martini shaker or a little after dinner port.

According to this issue of Esquire Magazine, ‘newspapers throughout America used to publish long lists of toasts that would lubricate every gathering from corseted high teas to banquets of wild game and gamier gents’.

Though Potions in Motion is not advocating that we all become instant bards, pundits or master the art of the ‘one liner’ they are inviting the readership to submit their favorite toasts or invent one. * The Toast, after all is communal ritual that resonates more than any ‘text’. It brings together friends, lovers, and family and may serve to break the ice in the renewal of broken ones.

The perfect Toast is said in the spirit of generosity and kindness. Talk about instant karma. In the sage words of Abraham Lincoln* a toast should “demonstrate malice toward none and with charity for all” or according to Shakespeare a Toast should “drink down all unkindness” **. Kudos to Potions in Motion for giving us a reason to validate heart felt feelings and an excuse to drink even more!

Submit your favorite toast to for a chance to win a case of Italian Prosecco, French Champagne and have your Toast published in a future edition of the Sun Sentinel.

*Second inaugural address to theUnion** Merry Wives of Windsor Act 1, Scene 1

By Cristiane Roget


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