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a man holding a sandwich

Justin “SEXZCHEF” Desimone

Executive Chef

Justin “The SEXZCHEF” DeSimone has been wowing Floridians with his creative dishes since 2010. For Justin, food is all about passion. As a true kitchen romantic, the SEXZCHEF knows that the best dishes come from an intense, hands-on relationship with the freshest ingredients. From the moment he lays hands on the ingredients, he lets the inspiration — and the love — flow forth into his creations. The SEXZCHEF lives to satisfy his discerning clients. It begins with deep communication and climaxes in a burst of flavor and an unmatched dining experience. Justin has been the face of Potions in Motion Catering and Events since 2014, where he was instrumental in bringing thousands of special events to life. He has been featured on Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey and Andy Coen’s After Show. Other career highlights include working with Jay Leno, Tony Robbins, and the Miami Yacht Show